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Embrace of Lights

Embrace of Lights

Korean artist Ligyung, famed for her exploration of the philosophical realm of human and societal discourse through the medium of light, presents a multi-faceted projection that reflects the cultures, history and collaboration between Korea and the EU. This artistic endeavor aims to enhance mutual understanding on the cultures of Korea and the EU, to offer innovative artistic expressions and sensory experiences to the audience encouraging bigger and closer cooperation in the art and cultural industries in the future. By utilizing the twelve stars depicted on the flag of the European Union, Ligyung symbolically addresses the harmonious coexistence of diversity, solidarity, sacrifice, peace and inclusivity as the most effective alternative in the current era of human civilization. Additionally, the artist visually connects her lasting interests such as light, the universe, space, and waves in the projection to support the main theme . The projection mapping incorporates color changes, movements, patterns, tempos and directions. These natural and organic visual elements are combined with the voice of belgian countertenor Dominique Corbiau, drum instruments and ambient sound and the combination will lead the citizens in Brussels and audiences around the world to an immersive artistic experience, awe-inspiring yet delicate.

Sumi Jo & Dominique Corbiau

16-22 novembre 2023 (from 6.00 to10.00 pm) 
Opening cermony , 16 novembre 2023 at 7.00 pm) 
Live performance by korean soprano Sumi Jo and belgian countertenor Dominique Corbiau